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      I was getting tired of weather sites so crammed full of ads they take seconds to load, and started looking into where the raw data comes from. It turns out that Germany’s weather service offers a high-resolution weather model of Germany that is freely available, but the raw data comes straight from a supercomputer simulation and is way more complicated than I want to deal with (I don’t want “Downward diffusive short wave radiation flux at surface,” I want temperature and rain… ). This is an open source project to parse that data and provide it in a much friendlier format.

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        If this is your project, then you might want to reconsider the name. Apple bought Dark Sky a while back and they are very aggressive about defending their trademarks. A weather API called Bright Sky sounds like something that could be easily confused with a weather API called Dark Sky.

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        nice! I had been looking at the same data recently and had similar issues making sense of it, so this is very interesting for me. Somewhat related I found wradlib to parse weather radar data from various sources, including again DWD: https://docs.wradlib.org/en/stable/notebooks/visualisation/wradlib_plot_ppi_xarray.html#The-simplest-way-to-plot-this-dataset

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      Very nice! Though, shows a bit odd numbers for my location (61,23.8). Shows 3 °C - 2 °C, even though the temperature doesn’t go below 20 °C during the day.