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    It’s about time! I haven’t run rsh in more than 15 years :)

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      Is there some context here for the unfamiliar?

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        r (remote) commands like rcp, rlogin, rwho, etc.. (NOT rsync) are/were old unix commands largely superceded by their ssh alternatives about 15 years ago or so.

        They’re unencrypted, and from a time where security basically didn’t exist as an afterthought. Ideally they should be removed outright and relegated to the ports tree for anyone crazy enough to want to use them.

        The last time I had to use them was for a Solaris install of Oracle about 5 years ago, they stick around generally because nobody updates the scripts that use them. And for Oracle, god knows why they took so stupid long to not depend on the r commands to do their stupid db installs.

        Basically, these things are like ftp/telnet only for stuff you might do as root to copy stuff to other boxes or use to login and run commands on other boxes. But to use them you have to punch giant titanic sized holes through os security and allow stuff like man in the middle attacks across potentially untrusted network traffic.

        Good riddance to now obsolete rubbish in essence.

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          It is impressive to see how much things have changed, in a short time. Computers are ubiquitous these days.

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          There was some discussion on freebsd-arch@freebsd.org.