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      So will this finally be the laptop that @jcs ends up with happily ever after?

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          I have commitment issues.

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            You probably should tell your wife that.

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      One USB for charging and one USB for not charging is one of my many nightmares.

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      OpenBSD does not support Bluetooth.

      This surprised me. Is there any plan to support Bluetooth in future? Not sure I could adopt an OS that doesn’t support Bluetooth.

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        What exactly do you use bluetooth for? I’ve not needed bluetooth on a laptop… ever really.

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          Mouse, occasionally I connect a bluetooth speaker.

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            There used to be some degree of unfinished bluetooth support. But eventually @tedu noticed it and armed his lightsaber…

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          Wireless headphones? They are glorious.

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            I’ve never had a huge success with them personally. Only use wired generally but point taken.

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      It appears to also be available from Amazon in Germany: https://www.amazon.de/MateBook-i5-7200U-Prozessor-Generation-interner/dp/B07175XDBW/

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      @jcs, might you be able to update with a dmesg and some performance details? E.g read/write speeds of SSD and time make -j4

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      Neat laptop but no 16 or 32 gig ram option makes me sad.

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