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    Would love to hear anyone’s experience, as this is something I’m contemplating doing.

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        We have a couple that we work on/have developed at Fanatics, I’d be happy to connect you with the folks who work on them. What sort of questions do you have?

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          In general how difficult it was.

          Whether you went with the community support path or the the path that lets you be listed on Terraform.io? If the latter, did you engage with the consultants they mention.

          Why did you do it?

          Any technical difficulties?

          Did you get any uptake from external companies (unless it was for internal purposes)?

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            We’re building a system that enables simple and Fanatics-opinionated definition of an entire application, so this is likely not going to see external use. It’s built upon Terraform because of all the amazing capabilities TF already has, and because I think there’s a lot of distance TF can still cover for us. I’ll get an engineer working on this to come share more, and feel free to ask either of us if you’ve got more questions.