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    Well, you’re using jQuery and tags in HTML files so…sure. You don’t need Webpack. You also have a Python app, not a JavaScript-based SPA.

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      Those are orthogonal though. There’s nothing that dictates that one needs webpack when using, say react vs jQuery for example. The point of the post stands.

      What puzzles me is that they use jQuery. You don’t need jQuery. Browser JavaScript APIs are well standardized and already include most, if not all jQuery functionalities. Perhaps with a little bit less syntax sugar.

      Old school simple script tags are underrated. I made a simple game last year in JavaScript using only a single HTML file and a single script. No npm modules, no libraries. I think the work of setting up/understanding the whole load of glue and piping of “modern JavaScript” alone would require more effor than the whole project.

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        Yep the jquery is just for sugar syntax. As it’s already included by some libraries, I’m just too lazy to use the Browser API …