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    But importantly, there are reasons why pushing people away from web is a bad idea: It is better for users for the DRM to be done through EME than other ways.

    1. When the content is in a web page, it is part of the web.
    2. The EME system can ‘sandbox’ the DRM code to limit the damage it can do to the user’s system
    3. The EME system can ‘sandbox’ the DRM code to limit the damage it can do to the user’s privacy.

    […]it is important to support EME as providing a relatively safe online environment[…]

    I guess this firmly puts the W3C in the “collaborator” rather than “collaborationist” camp. They admit it’s an abusive, occupying force but believe they can mitigate its damage with pragmatic collaboration, rather than ideologically supporting it.

    Points for not being outright, mustache-twirlingly evil, I guess? I don’t have enough precision in IEEE 754 to represent how few points they get for this distinction, but “slightly less than totally awful” is kind of the theme of this post.

    Shit, there’s even a section where they admit their support for EME may become a problem for text but “We can hope that the industry, in moving to a web model, will also give up DRM, but it isn’t clear.” I guess they gave up hoping for the video industry and don’t mind laying the groundwork for closing the entire web.

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      I didn’t feel it was worth its own post, but I came across this Tim Berners-Lee blog post through https://defectivebydesign.org/blog/response_tim_bernerslees_defeatist_post_about_drm_web_standards.

      Personal opinion: I am ideologically very hard line pro Free Software but like to think I have a practical bent. From my standpoint, I think having EME as a standard is better than the likely alternative. I’d prefer the companies to just accept/decide that it isn’t worth it and just stream their video regularly but I don’t think that’s likely.

      I found it interesting that Tim says

      People spend a lot of time on the web, they like to be able to embed Netflix content in their own web pages, they like to be able to link to it.

      I don’t think it says anything either way about his overall argument, but AFAIK(and can see with a quick duckduckgo) you cannot embed Netflix videos in your site. I also don’t see a “Share link” button anywhere, though using the link in the URL while looking at a show might work? That’s just a minor nitpick with his argument in any case.

      Edit: punctuation fix