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    I want to like it, but I constantly get confused by the mix of arrow key and hjkl navigation.

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      Just needs a little WASD to complete the experience. Double your productivity by navigating two panes simultaneously.

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        I like your comments. You’re funny.

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      I use tig all the time; it’s a great tool. In particular, tig blame mode lets you jump to a line’s parent commit with , (and you can return to the previous state with <). This is great for finding the provenance of a given bit of code.

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        Glad to see it pop up. I’ve been using it a while instead of gitk when exploring large repos.

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          Obligatory upvote because I used to work with the creator of tig and he’s a wizard.

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            I really like tig, especially after tweaking the colorscheme from angry fruit salad to something more in line with the rest of my desktop.