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      As much as I’d love to see people actually pay for tools, I don’t quite get why they’re trying this with the JDK.

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        Because people will fall into the trap, and they will get a call from Oracle’s compliance department, and Oracle will make money, and that will buy enough fuel to power the Larry Ellison for another day or so.

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          Wanted to mention the following comment on the same note:


          Granted the article is opionated and a bit dated (2013) but this shows what Oracle is capable of.

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          I don’t know if it’s deliberate or by accident, but I like the idea of fueling a Larry Ellison.

          But it will be a drag to ensure proper compliance with these new rules…

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            “…You need to think of Larry Ellison the way you think of a lawnmower. You don’t anthropomorphize your lawnmower, the lawnmower just mows the lawn, you stick your hand in there and it’ll chop it off, the end. You don’t think ‘oh, the lawnmower hates me’ – lawnmower doesn’t give a shit about you, lawnmower can’t hate you. Don’t anthropomorphize the lawnmower. Don’t fall into that trap about Oracle.” – Bryan Cantrill


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      The Scala community is still behind on Java releases. I’ve been maintaining a ticket internal to my company that I’ve updated every JDK release. I was hoping for Java 9 support a year ago and now I’m awaiting Java 11 support…

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        I was hoping for Java 9 support a year ago

        Java 9 had a total life span of six months and introduced a number of subtle breaking changes. Doing a lot of work to support it would have been really difficult to justify.

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          That’s fair. I don’t recall when the move to a six-month cadence was announced so I speculate that work on supporting Java 9 was a lower priority than keeping up with the base compatibility with 9 and 10 ahead of 11 being the next to be supported for a long time like Java 8 and prior releases.

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      I’m using the java.net openjdk at work, but I can’t help but think “why bother?” At this point, we have a ton of libs available in a bunch of other languages that aren’t bandied about by such a slimy company. I don’t bother using Java in any of my personal projects. I think it’s better just to stay away.