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    I’m not going to even bother mentioning that this post is just an obscene, poorly written advertisement for someone’s company!

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      I think dopatraman needs a hug.

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        I’d go for a ban for trolling, myself, but hugs could work too.

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      Seriously? “A Tale of Two —-” right after I publish my post “A Tale of Two Programmers”?

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          May I suggest a few other Dickensian names instead to alleviate this embarrassing collision:

          • DevOps Copperfield
          • Great Expectations (of 100% uptime)
          • Bleak House Deployment
          • The Old Curiosity DevshOps
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            Two Tales Considered Harmful.

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              A Tale of Two Hard Problems Considered Harmful

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          Do we have a limit like that? Sorry, I didn’t know.

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            This seems to have been sorted out, but for the record, no, there’s no such rule. The thing about cliches is that they get used a lot; things like this are going to happen.

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              Thank you. I will keep that in mind.

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                I wouldn’t say this has been sorted out. Its disturbing when an entire community casually disregards flagrant disrespect for another person’s hard work. Let alone the troubling lack of creativity that compels a person to copy the title of another post and then downvote the original.

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              Hello. I wrote the article, and @szalansky posted it on my behalf. I actually chose the title and wrote the article long before I discovered lobste.rs, so it was just a coincidence.

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                It seems highly suspicious.

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                  FYI you are wrong, and on the internet of all places!

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                    The odds of you publishing a post with the same title scheme as mine on the same day that i did a few hours after i did is HIGHLY unlikely. Thanks for copying my name you shill.

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                      If you have 23 people in the same room, there’s a 50% probability that they will share the same birthday. Sufficient numbers and basic statistics cause all kinds of “suspicious” behavior.

                      The internet is a big place. Collisions occur. Also, no one cares that your articles are titled similarly, and perhaps more importantly, the title “scheme” is neither new, original or overly creative.

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                        Uh.. your analogy doesn’t quite hold up. If 23 people are in a room and asked in sequence to say the first word on their minds, there is a good chance they will be influenced by the person who speaks before them. I posted my article a few hours (if that) before this one. The article (the only one, might I add) had a title extremely similar to mine. That, if nothing else, is highly suspicious.

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                          My point was that, given enough people/items/ocurrences/events/whatever, you’re bound to have “suspicious” behavior which is attributable to random chance. It’s just statistics.

                          Besides, if you want to get defensive about naming, “A Tale of Two Programmers”, by Jacques Mattheij predates your article by a good five years. I think you should apologize to Jacques for using his title.

                          Edit: Or any of these “A Tale of Two Programmers” for that matter:

                          (Which is obviously silly. Because no one cares about titles. Just like no one cares about your title, or the OP’s title. Why am I still responding? I don’t know.)

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                    It is, however I genuinely enjoyed this article and thought others might enjoy it too.

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                If you look at the permalink, “A Tale of Two –” is not there. The article may have been written long ago, but the title was definitely changed recently (this morning, right after I posted mine).

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                  Here’s a screenshot of an email I sent discussing this blog and a talk based on it I plan to give:


                  The date is 22nd March. I cannot take credit for the title however, that belongs to Charles Dickens.