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      I have been wanting to do something similar. I like the idea of trying to shoe-horn every internet thing I check into a Mastodon stream.

      But instead of just using 1 account talking to Mastodon to post, I was going to make it ActivityPub. If it were AP-enabled it would let each RSS feed could have it’s own “identity.”

      I’ll post it here once I have it working :)

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      Very curious! I typically want to go the other way (from Mastodon to my feed reader). Most Mastodon clients make it quite hard to “read everything”, so (for a subset of accounts I follow) I use Mastodon’s native RSS feeds to get all their posts in my feed reader, which allows me to read every post at my own pace (without notifications).

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      uniquely funny in that it basically clones the feeds to mastodon at https://mastodon.bentasker.co.uk/@newsbot.rss. we can complete the cycle by reading that rss feed from mastodon as well!