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    Turned my machine into a space heater, but worth it!

    Truly stunning detail, but the bill runs high. Some folks have been working on breakthroughs, but we still have a ways to go before it will replace triangles and texture maps.

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      before it will replace triangles and texture maps

      I’m sure point clouds will become more feasible and popular, but I don’t think it ever will replace anything. Graphics will always be a vector/raster hybrid. Point-clouds simply invert the dominance from from vector to raster. Both techniques, with their respective dominate end of the spectrum have a place for distinct use cases, levels of abstraction, and resource demands.

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      This is pretty!

      It feels like there might be a bug with LoD bias running backwards sometimes? When I move the camera closer to the lion’s head, the density of the point cloud near the camera seems to go down instead of up. Not sure if that’s just the points being made smaller without changing the quantity of them, leaving gaps.

      There’s a really cute and interesting visual effect where solid objects get a black line around their silhouette, which looks like it comes from the black edges of the dots. It’s bad from a physical-accuracy point of view but I think it would be a really awesome feature if you were trying to render something with a graphic novel visual style.

      Edit: I bet this could be amazing for 3d fractals with lazy computation rather than streaming network loading. :)