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      This is a good argument for a better macro facility for C. Reminds me of some little lisp things [0] that translate to C. Forward on this path is nim [1]. I like the idea of using C as the intermediate level between ASM and your high level languages. It is appealing to reuse all the experiences of C compiler developers and focusing on building a language that emits C.

      [0] https://github.com/eratosthenesia/lispc [1] https://nim-lang.org

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      Cool article – the C preprocessor is a crude tool, but can still be a pretty powerful one.

      (Also, I enjoyed reading all the instances of “macroses” as rhyming with “necrosis”.)

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      Funny coincidence that I would be reading this now when I first heard of LAPACK the other day, because it’s one of those Fortran programs still hanging around.