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      I am surprised to see this article translated by author to Polish. It is not perfect Polish (I am native speaker) but still super impressive for someone that is learning Polish as 2nd language (let’s say, that this is not the easiest language to learn).

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        My wife and her family are Polish— although I rarely discuss hash functions with them!

        I see my articles posted to Polish forums and sites sometimes. I assumed that the Polish tech scene, although burgeoning, is presently somewhat underserved in terms of accessible content, since many of the largest tech organizations work and write primarily in English. I’ve started to translate my blog posts even (especially) when they are particularly technical. Several kind Polish speakers have provided generous corrections and discussion of my grammar and word choice, including a commenter on this very blog post.

        Some of the Polish leaks into my English word choice, such as using “some” instead of “a” or “any” in more situations than I would have before learning Polish.

        I also see my articles on Chinese and Japanese sites, but those languages are a little too much for me to learn right now 😂

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          “although I rarely discuss hash functions with them!”

          This implies that you do, occasionally, discuss them.

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            My wife and her father work in tech, so sometimes technical topics do arise! Perhaps I once had to explain the blockchain in Polish?

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        The post author, @arxanas, is the creator of git-branchless, which is the most ambitious layer over git that I’m aware of. He ported revsets from mercurial ffs. I don’t think he likes easy things :p

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