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      I hope folks don’t mind me sharing more jq content. If, with these posts, I can encourage others to write about and share similar content (which I would eagerly devour in an instant), then that makes it worthwhile. I’m sure there are others out there with far more valuable thoughts to share on jq!

      This is the first post in a small series; rather than create a super long single post I thought I’d experiment with breaking it up. I’ve tagged the parts so you can see them all together too jq-series-top-beer-types.

      This was after my first & recent foray into looking at my Untappd checkin data in Untappd data with jq - my top brewery countries.

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        Definitely don’t mind since I’ve just learnt about unique from that post and that’ll help me in the script I was just twiddling (downloads all your Pocket URLs.)