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    400 years old books and so beautifully typeset. I’m amazed.

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      The reason Donald Knuth made LaTeX was the low quality of (then-new) digital typesetting and printing, contrasted with the very high quality of mechanical typesetting. We think of the latter as somewhat primitive, but it was older and more mature in the 1600s than digital typesetting is today.

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        *Donald Knuth made TeX, and Leslie Lamport made LaTeX

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          Both with a Turing Award.

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      I loved all the historical context. Nobody ever gets around to telling you where these symbols came from or why we have so many notations for multiplying. For such well researched and entertaining posts, the author could take donations.

      Ironically my only complaint is that a few asterisked side notes are unreadable due to overlapping when rendered on a phone. All these hundreds of years later, type layout remains a hard problem.

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        It was somehow weirdly written but I immensely enjoyed reading it.