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    I added this language to the CoffeeScript wiki’s long-maintained page List of languages that compile to JS. Anyone curious about alternative languages or looking for design inspiration might want to check out the other Clojure-like languages on that page.

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      When I go here, Chrome pops up to say this might be phishing and was I looking for darklang.com. Is that just cause I’m part of Darklang, or is that happening to everyone?

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        Doesn’t happen to me

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        Love to see a compile-to-js language that embraces js instead of fight it.

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          Looks neat, but why would I want to use this vs. just using Javascript? Fennel, for example, puts in some pretty good work papering over some of Lua’s flaws. Advantages Dak has that I’ve noticed so far from skimming the tour:

          • = for comparison rather than ===
          • if’s are expressions that return a value
          • A little syntactic sugar around async, loops, cases, one or two other places
          • Ah, you can destructure lists and dicts, that’s nice
          • You get to write macros

          Not sure I’m compelled yet, but the site also makes it quite clear that it’s early days yet. So, neat little language, hope it finds a nice niche!

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            because lisps are fun?

            some folks like to choose fun sometimes

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              Heresy! Fun is forbidden.

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            Great! I’ve been looking for something like this.