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    Just finished listening - very enjoyable. Would be very interested in a follow up with some of the topics you mentioned towards the end (especially garbage collection) - any concrete plans? Seems like a high quality podcast, subscribed!

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      Hey, thanks! I am planning to do a follow up on building a compiler with author of https://compilerbook.com/.

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      I was confused by your marking yourself as the author, (the speaker being Bob Nystrom), then I noticed you hosted the whole thing.

      I thought for a minute you misclicked somewhere.

      Edit: I just noticed this is a podcasted interview, not a keynote! I was fooled by the photo.

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        Hey, yeah. Maybe I shouldn’t have chosen Author. Let me know if I’m doing it wrong.

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          Considering you actually spoke in that podcast (and asked all the questions, really), I think choosing “Author” was the right call. Perhaps a bit confusing (It’s a grey area), but definitely not incorrect.