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    I had the privilege of being part of the “Thunder” (VB 1.0) beta program (having been an active QB, aka QuickBASIC, developer). I don’t think I could express the sheer amazement at me, a “lowly” QB developer, now able to create full-fledged Windows applications, just like those C/C++ developers did. I was so excited that I ported my “stock charting & technical analysis” program from QB to VB, which Microsoft then used to demo as part of their VB “road shows” – I believe it was popular due to the fact that MS folk loved comparing the stock price of MSFT to IBM (I’ll let you guess which one was going up and which was going down).

    I tried learning C++, which was necessary if one wanted to create “custom controls” for VB, but never got very far – especially once VBSpy became available, where you could hook into Window events in a way that meant I didn’t need to write my own custom controls for my version control product.

    VB4 (and 5) were considered failures by most developers, sticking with VB3 until VB6 finally came along. Not much later, I was out of the VB community, focusing on doing HTML with Netscape Navigator and playing with alpha versions of Java.