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    I might go a step further and suggest people overuse Struct to avoid writing attr_accessor . It’s understandable since Rubyists in particular eschew boilerplate code, but I think it can obfuscate the intention of a class as well as giving you behavior you may not want/need (== / hash / default constructor). Struct is great for things explicitly needing that behavior - value objects.

    Anyway, that’s my personal soap box on the matter. There’s no performance justification for my opinion there, so I can’t as-objectively say my way is “right”. This article points out a really clear, objective reason to at least avoid Struct.new(…).new(…), which I think everyone can get behind.

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      i overuse OpenStruct to avoid writing anything :) makes the code really pleasant to iterate, and i usually refactor to use an explicit struct once the design has crystallised.