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    hmm, so he says he never takes them off, but the battery life isn’t that good. Reconciliation? Not nit picking directly, but there’s a huge difference between “I take them off to sleep” and “I take them off to charge every three hours”.

    “They are much more social than looking at a cell phone. Why? I don’t need to look away from you to use Google, or get directions, or do other things.” Opposite thought here. Don’t pretend to be looking at me when you’re not.

    I think Google Glass may finally be the change that turns me into an old man.

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      Most of the privacy concerns I had before coming to Germany just didn’t show up. I was shocked by how few negative reactions I got (only one, where an audience member said he wouldn’t talk to me with them on).

      Maybe the people that don’t like it are just avoiding him? It seems silly to expect everyone that objects to it to run up and tell him about it.