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    What’s the point of this?

    I can’t even think of a situation where it would be useful.

    Even more pointless because your name will still show up in the changelog for whichever project it was.

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      The point is to allow people to make a statement on their GitHub profile page about their contributions and their values. People sometimes want to disavow past work or associations, and GitHub gives you no way to do this.

      To the last part of your last sentence: that is true. You can’t change history and you can’t change reported history short of asking the person who owns the repo to go filter-branch all of your commits. Interestingly though, if you do this—and I did some experimentation while creating this repo—that doesn’t remove your contributions from your profile page. Only deleting the repo accomplishes this.

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      Unless I’m missing something, this doesn’t actually hide the repositories in your list, does it? It simply appears in that list as a note that you are disavowing an adjacent repository.

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        Hi, I’m creator of the repo. You’re right, it does exactly that. It doesn’t hide them (unless it’s the last one on your contribution list and you push it out with disavow/below-rep).