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    Awesome post.

    My parents should be able to use the app.

    I like this. There are a lot of cool self-hosted tools like Paperless-ngx that I would love my parents to use, but I can’t expect them to self-host, and if I do it for them, they would be dependent on me.

    There are a lot of apps that would be great as e2ee local-first app.

    • note takings apps (like logseq)
    • budget apps (like aspire)
    • wireguard mesh thing (like tailscale)

    my holy grail note-taking app (there’s no FOSS app doing it right now)

    • offline-first
    • e2ee
    • collaborative
    • 100% FOSS
      • it must be free otherwise my friends/families wouldn’t care enough to pay for it, even if I would
      • I must be able to use it at home and at work (git wouldn’t have won the war if it was open-core)
    • fully works on mobile

    nice to have:

    • backlinks
    • org-babel and other cool things like tables with formulas