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    The reactions on video of the thieves getting hit had me crying laughing. The hardware is pretty awesome, too. Chinese need to clone this thing to sell on the cheap. I’d buy it. GPS and video also helps in court for when police were being too lazy. :)

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      Yeah, that’s the power of good acting. And a good reminder that pretty much every time someone online tries to make you feel righteous, they’re manipulating you with lies.

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        Wow… thanks for the links. That first one is incredibly thorough piece demonstrating how a combination of mountains of tiny details mixed with wider access to peoples’ data makes it hard to keep secrets. The second one has my reaction to the vid which was main reason for sharing it here: “everyone still agrees that the invention is a work of revenge art, and we all would like to know when and how we can get our own, put it out, and grab some popcorn.”

        You’re right about more lies, acting, and manipulation online. People used to get at me for nitpicking all the bullshit in online vids. I found it wasn’t a good use of time unless it was strictly-informational content about important topics with major impact. Esp due to volume combined with proven effect that bullshit spreads further than corrections. For entertainment stuff, I shifted from assessing fakes to looking for stuff that will either be true or, if fake, at least fun in a way that teaches us or inspires us with something.

        Seeing Glitter bomb, first thing I wanted to do with this thing is get a cheap, Chinese clone out there that folks can buy. Next idea was a fake package using fake phones off Alibaba or just broken stuff I acquire on the cheap with real trackers in them that work even when they look off. That info is fed to the police. Your links don’t change either effect the vid had on me. So, it’s further evidence I should keep not caring which of these viral vids is real so long as we get something out of them. What do you think of that philosophy?

        Note about original vid: Much as I’d like to use it, I live in a murder capital full of thugs, some on hard drugs, that even go into the “safe,” suburban areas like where I live now. If this went off on them, they’d go back to that house to jack their shit all up. I’d never deploy this thing in Memphis, TN or surrounding areas. Unless, I thought, I could feed crime map data into it where the booby trap didn’t activate in hot areas: just video, audio, GPS, and a report for police. Nah, I’d still rather them just steal the package to be on safe side… gotta use prevention strategies…