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    So while going through the list of examples, such as this one: http://try.purescript.org/example/arrays .. I wonder how optimized that JS is. It looks ridiculous long (and slow) to just add and multiply two variables together in a list…. I’d love to see what that looks like in v8…

    Sounds cool though…

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      Yes, arrays in PureScript are immutable which can lead to some unusual JavaScript. This is probably not a great example to include on the Try PureScript code. Performance-critical code using arrays should probably use mutable arrays in the form of STArray.

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      So is the only documentation for this a $10 ebook? None of the other links on the main site appear to have much substance.

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        This was posted in HN: https://leanpub.com/purescript/read

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          The book is free to read online.

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            The link called “Documentation” points here: http://purescript.readthedocs.org/en/latest/ - pretty thorough, I think?

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              How about a 10-minute quickstart?

              My point is that the barrier to entry is needlessly high with an enormous eBook.

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                Which included links such as:

                http://www.purescript.org/posts/First-Steps/ http://curtis.io/posts/purescript-for-web-development.html

                There are also pre-baked ready-to-go grunt/bower projects on Github for getting going quickly with PureScript.