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    Ugh, that’s the name I use for github in conversation :(

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      Also: Thanks to everyone that helped out, especially phil9, who made massive improvements to the web UI.

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        An interesting feature to implement if you want to avoid browsers is create-on-push like Sourcehut has. If you push to a non-existent SSH remote URL under your account, the repo will be created (you will have to go to the browser to set a description and visibility though). See https://geoff.tuxpup.com/posts/cool_sr_ht_feature/

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          Yeah, that’s definitely something I’d like to do. Right now, creating a repo is only doable via the command line, but it’s a separate step (rcpu -h shithub.us newrepo reponame)

          But it would be nice to just push. Since I control both ends of the protocol, I can add a git9-mkrepo capability that the server respects, and a flag in the client to handle it. I just need a bit of time to implement it. The only real sticking point is that right now, the server sandboxes itself within the repository before it starts processing user commands – which is hard to do if the repository doesn’t yet exist.

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          Minor UI nitpick: the site forces me to scroll sideways to read each line. My screen is 1024x768.

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            Shithub is a community service, written by people who avoid browsers.

            This made me chuckle. I understand the sentiment tho. The web is in a sad state these days.

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              I’m loving this content. For some reason I’ve really enjoyed exploring “alternative timelines” of tech. It’s mind expanding, like reading poetry.

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                Was the “web” interface written from scratch? Can cgit be used for this (https://git.zx2c4.com/cgit/about/)?

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                  Not trivially: Cgit does not run on 9front. This is hosted with a completely custom git implementation and it’s a lot easier to cat a few files than to port cgit. Also, a lot more satisfying to be fully self hosted.

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                    Thanks for the reply.

                    Cgit does not run on 9front.

                    You mean it can’t be compiled on plan9? (I have no idea what compilers plan9 has).

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                      There are many APIs that it uses – like mmap – which plan 9 does not have or want. Plan 9 is not a posix environment.