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What are you doing this week? Feel free to share!

Keep in mind it’s OK to do nothing at all, too.

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      A lot of writing for my dayjob. Be afraid.

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      Work: Finishing up the scale testing tool I’ve been working on.

      Personal: Finish adding lockfile support to ahkpm. That’s the last major feature before I start actively promoting it by building a user-friendly documentation site and posting it to the places where AutoHotKey users hang out. :)

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      Running an alpha version of a beginner Bash course, then revising it. It’s harder than writing an advanced course.

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        Seems like there’s demand. (I feel like I regularly see posts from people trying to get started, at least.)

        I’ve written a few takes on intro-to-the-CLI/scripting for slightly different contexts and it’s definitely tricky to distill. I’m not sure there’s one obvious balance to strike between boiling the topic down to beginner-friendly essentials and being precise enough to avoid teaching a lot of misconceptions that will bite them sooner or later.

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      I’m working on a DSP framework in C++ that I intend to base a number of arm based synthesizer products on.

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        Do you plan to go full hardware synth? And more in my current subject of interest:do you plan to try to do a drum synth?

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          Well, progress report. The software framework needs more finagling, so more time has to go into that. I dream of building hardware synths, but it will remain a dream until long after I’ve made the first one… As it’ll likely be completely incomprehensible for me to understand that I’ve actually done it.. The time-frame is within my lifetime, and I’m in my twenties

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      Back to work after 6 weeks of parental leave! Will be interesting to make that adjustment now…

      Home life is, naturally, all baby all the time right now.

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        Ours just turned 8 weeks and I’ve been doing part time for the past 4. Doable, but I’m still not sure what will kill my sanity first: baby or the part time coding meetings

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          Ours just turned 8 weeks as well! I definitely don’t regret staying away for that long either; It’s gonna be interesting integrating work back into my schedule, but I definitely recommend taking the time off to any new parent from now on…. Good luck with your baby! We’re in this together. o7

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      More work. Maybe a break at some point. Sloooowly stumbling along with the Autumn Lisp Game Jam, but really haven’t had the time to focus on it at all. TIC-80 is still fun to mess about with though.

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      Started to learn C++ since a job project needs to interact with CGO and C++.

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      Trying out a new routine starting the day with a swim.

      Finding a more sustainable approach to maintaining a fork with ~8k lines of diffs. Trying to reduce time in conflict resolution and reduce mis-rate on where we need to make more changes.

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      Continuing my intentional break from writing about markup. Taking a little time to tend some back-burner shell profile projects (https://github.com/abathur/shellswain, https://github.com/abathur/shell-hag) that I’ve been neglecting.

      I had them both mostly tested and refactored, but I’m revisiting the testing to be able to better pick at some interactive behavior surrounding prompts for user input, job control, and history. I had been wrapping the test runs in socat, which has been working well enough for job control/tty issues (though sometimes it flakes and provides no output?).

      I spent the weekend picking at how well some other tools (expect, unbuffer, script, and stdbuf) work for something like this, and it’s smelling like I’m going to end up using expect even though I always end up a bit exasperated with it.

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      Building out new base images and specialist images based on those at work, expanding our stack to a second region properly and also jumping forwards in OS versions before support expires.

      At home, continuing with the move to the new office. I think all the cabling is done, just need to fit a shelf for the network kit to sit on/under and then I can empty the old office and turn it into a spare room.

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      I’m gonna be thinking about how github deploys github, and also upgrading the mastodon instance under wandering.shop