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    I’ve been following Loom (and its predecessor Quasar) for a while. The concurrency story of Java was the biggest reason for me to look at alternatives like Clojure and later Erlang/Elixir. Loom’s going to change the game. Feels like a great addition to Java.

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      We considered the non-specific “lightweight threads,” but “lightweight” is relative and we pictured future JDKs having “micro-threads,” and so we settled on Brian Goetz’s suggestion to call them “virtual threads,” which also tested well in conferences.

      I wonder why “goroutines” wasn’t considered? 😉

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          Is Java used a lot for “high-throughput concurrent applications that make the best use of available hardware”?

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            Yes, Many companies use it for exactly that purpose and at one time it wasn’t a bad choice for that. Recently however Languages like Go have been eating into it’s marketshare because because it was easier to write good concurrent code in them. Loom is an attempt to learn from Go’s success and get similar throughput results.