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    I’m guessing the worse part of the process is not knowing the reason. Not getting the sense of closure. I am fortunate to never have been fired. There is a first time for everything though.

    Did anyone else read this and started thinking “Shit, am I doing my best work now?” and a looming feeling that you will be fired.

    This is like a campfire ghost story.

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      I ragequit my last job but I experienced and felt a lot of the same things as Zach. It’s extremely emotionally draining to separate yourself from a company that you put so much of yourself into for a period of time.

      My main takeaway was that at the end of the day your mental health is your own responsibility. Don’t trick yourself into thinking that you’re important enough to any company that they won’t hesitate to let go of you the second you’re all burnt out and used up.

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        GitHub is the IBM of DVCS.