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    Ironically, “square peg in a round hole” is the first thing that comes to mind. At some point I think I would consider reevaluating my software platform. what makes os x an irreplaceable component here?

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      They mentioned they use builtin graphics libraries in OSX. I imagine it’s done for stability reasons and an interest in consistent hardware performance. They might have to bring in another company or have a new job focused on building and configuring those systems if they used custom boxes with a Linux flavor.

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        One nice bit about what OSX does is compiling the filter graph into one pass that’s then executed on the GPU. The typical Linux image-processing tools people run (ImageMagick, etc.) don’t do that. Halide does do it, but it’s quite recent, and a lot rougher around the edges (it’s code from a PhD thesis, though much better than typical “research code”).

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        The imaging pipeline is vastly superior to anything currently available on Linux. The real question is why not use Windows, which has if anything a technically superior story to OS X, and is certainly much more at home in a datacenter.

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          I’m really interested in why (or what in) OS X is better than Linux as well as why Windows would be better than OS X. Do you have any resources to read more about this?

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          Reminded me of http://macminicolo.net/ .

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          Interesting, but this also sounds like someone made some very bad decisions way up the pipe.

          Also “Once a rack hits the datacenter floor, it can be processing images in as little as two hours.” seems like a really funny idea of “rapid.”

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            You can do things with OS X’s imaging and video pipeline that you’d have to spend considerable effort building a bespoke Linux solution to replicate. It’s not prima facie ridiculous.

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              It’s definitely not rapid by most measures, but the power that becomes available (44 Mac Pros) is pretty significant.