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    CTWM is an X11 Window Manager. It was created by Claude Lecommandeur Claude.Lecommandeur@Epfl.Ch in 1992 as a fork of the TWM window manager.

    Thanks for the sharing. I knew ctwm existed, but didn’t know that it was forked 1992 :)

    Besides all the available “tiling” options that we have around while using any opensource OS, ctwm seems to be a safe default for those that need a minimum desktop with auto-generated menu entries to easly access basic software after an install.

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      Your comment is a good summary of “why” anyone should be interested in a WM originally written in ’92. It is an interesting piece of software to try out.

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        I usually just use twm if I’m just installing a quick X windows system. It’s still totally fine for managing terminal windows, which is basically all I use X for, anyway.

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      Oh wow I haven’t used CTWM since the mid 90s.

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        What’s a good minimal theme for CTWM? The default CTWM theme is… interesting.