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    Though I really like that Allo has that capability, I wish it was universal rather than just in Incognito mode. This means that Google can track who uses Incognito mode and when.

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      Everybody wants secure end to end encryption. Or they think they do. I suspect if people were given what they say they want, they’d quickly revolt.

      Right now, I can think of some popular run arounds to encryption. Both iMessage and WhatsApp allow you to backup your chats. By necessity, this means they are available to devices other than those originally involved in the conversation. Otherwise, what good is the backup?

      Soon we’ll get a “really secure” chat app, or the settings change to disable all backups will become popular. Wait six months as people lose their phones. WHERE DID MY MESSAGES GO? I didn’t even know these things were backed up until I switched phones, but the discovery was really convenient. I mean really convenient. My old message queue is an archive of all the phone numbers and addresses and door codes I never quite got around to saving. I suspect a lot of people will like, omg, literally die if their old messages are lost.

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        Last I checked, WhatsApp’s backup is simply a set of snapshots of their on-device database. When you lose your phone, you lose your messages.

        (Or if the sqlite database gets corrupted and the encryption keys have rotated recently, then you lose all your messages, despite said backups. See me, screaming in anger at WhatsApp in February 2015.)

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        WhatsApp, telegram and signal as well can track your metadata. I guess you’d have to use something completely different to stay 100% anonymous :-)