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    Does anyone have experience with it?

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      It’s brand new and have had about 25 contributors so far. Over about 12 different languages, so not much progress has been made in each individual repo. You can keep track of the progress here I think iPython has the largest quantity so far.

      Of people who’ve tried it, they say it’s fun. Which is what I’m trying to build. A fun way to get people into open source.

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        Hey @mmulet, has the project been growing?

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          It peaked in March, then steadily declined. I haven’t seen any requests for a couple weeks now. I had a lot of people sign up to work on tasks but literally no maintainers submitting tasks. Which was the exact opposite of what I thought would happen. I’m pretty busy doing other things right now, but I think I’ll relaunch in a couple of months, with a new focus on attracting maintainers.

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            Let me know here when you have it. My experience was mixed, task was clear but I got no feedback for a while after I submitted it.

            I would try again

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      This might be terrifically short sighted on my part, but the fact that the creator has put his name in front of the project sets off all kinds of alarm bells for me. It was as though he were Dick Wolf.

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        Yeah , I went back on forth on the decision to put my name on there because I thought it might have this reaction in some people. I’m not famous at all, so it’s not to attract people by going; “look it’s made by this guy” I decided to go for it because I think more open source software should do the same. A lot of maintainers put a lot of work into the software and they deserve the recognition for their time and effort. I don’t think I’ll start a trend, but as you can clearly see from my site, I’m not afraid to try new ideas, even if they might not work.