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    How about a physics tag? ask meta

Opening a discussion to consider adding a tag for physics. I think that it’s relevant and needed, but I’m wondering what others think as well.


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    You can use science tag instead.

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      I second this suggestion. Also avoids adding tags for biology, chemistry, etc.

      (Though I noticed that the following tags already exist: math, compsci, philosophy, cogsci)

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      I, for one, think that links strictly about physics would be off-topic for the site.

      Lobsters is a technology-focused community…

      However if a tag were added, it would be great for me because then I could filter it out.

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        Personally, I would not be opposed to such a tag, and would not mind seeing interesting, physics-related links here. However, I do think it would be a rather severely off-topic tag at lobste.rs, and perhaps this is a reason to not create it.

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          But please don’t overpost and overvote mainstream popsci sites and news about rocketry, like on famous orange website. Physics related to computational technology is ok, I think (semiconductors, maybe quantum things) and physics related to human-computer interactions (optics, sound, etc).

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            I think a physics tag is a great idea. And I mean, if any of the pure sciences were closely linked to technology, it’d be physics.