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    How about a physics tag? ask meta

Opening a discussion to consider adding a tag for physics. I think that it’s relevant and needed, but I’m wondering what others think as well.

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    You can use science tag instead.

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      I second this suggestion. Also avoids adding tags for biology, chemistry, etc.

      (Though I noticed that the following tags already exist: math, compsci, philosophy, cogsci)

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      I, for one, think that links strictly about physics would be off-topic for the site.

      Lobsters is a technology-focused community…

      However if a tag were added, it would be great for me because then I could filter it out.

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        Is there a way we can create a Science related Lobsters clone? Where can we get the code?

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        Personally, I would not be opposed to such a tag, and would not mind seeing interesting, physics-related links here. However, I do think it would be a rather severely off-topic tag at lobste.rs, and perhaps this is a reason to not create it.

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          But please don’t overpost and overvote mainstream popsci sites and news about rocketry, like on famous orange website. Physics related to computational technology is ok, I think (semiconductors, maybe quantum things) and physics related to human-computer interactions (optics, sound, etc).

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            I’ve just created a clone of Lobste.rs located at http://science.solobsd.org it’s in a test phase. I created it to be a science oriented site, so if you want to play around with it and suggest tags as well as asking for invitations, kindly send me an email

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              I’ve added Quantum News as a Sister Site on the wiki. You’ll want to localize the about, chat, and other meta pages for your instance. That content still refers to lobste.rs.

              Did you have any trouble setting up an instance?

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                It was difficult, I tried first under CentOS 6 server but lots of lost gems and bundle keep saying it needs bundle 2. Then I tried with Ubuntu 18 Server and same issues, Ruby on Rails has been a pain in the ass for me in both, Linux and *BSD. Finally I tried the docker-lobsters option but didn’t know how to change the name of the site, performed the first option and it went fine but was running under port 3000 even when the instructions says it will go through port 80. I modified then the Dockerfile and ran again the whole process and port and name of the site were the same as “Test News” then ran the container using the second option and changed the port number and it finally worked. Where can I modify the about and chat and other pages considering this is the docker container?


                Edit: For some reason I can’t send invitations.

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                  I’ve managed to make the docker-lobsters image finally run. I had to change lots of configurations under some specific files, but now it’s fully functional. Localization still pending.

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              I have been waiting for this a long time ago. Let’s go ahead!

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                I think a physics tag is a great idea. And I mean, if any of the pure sciences were closely linked to technology, it’d be physics.

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                  I agree, Lobsters is here because of physics.