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The US National Security Agency (NSA) has open sourced a number of software projects freely available to everyone. The repositories have been published, and names/descriptions have been released for those projects not yet released.


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    Anyone understand why this code is written as it is?


    It seems like that do while loop will always execute exactly one time.

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        thanks! Always cool to learn new things about C. I wrote up some tests to better understand this issue: https://github.com/nmatt0/c-samples/tree/master/multiline-macro

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      This looks like a mix of stuff from SIGINT and IAD groups. Information Assurance Directorate (IAD) has long tried to develop hardening guides and security enhancements for commercial software. Low chance of a backdoor for them but do check code quality before using it. The SIGINT stuff check even more.

      Looks like some useful tools in there, though. Surprising was Pathfinder since I thought it was totally NASA. (Shrugs)

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        Agreed, certainly a good idea to code review. I’m hoping someone that’s tried implementing some of this stuff comments. I’ve been thinking about standing up that goSecure VPN application, and I’m curious about performance when running on a Raspberry Pi 3.