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Some thoughts on how to deal with having two hands. Most of us here I take it prefer to have both hands steady at their home positions. Back in the early day of computer UI development an asymmetric approach was used.

Keep in mind that with some of the earlier efforts you could copy and paste using the mouse. So a lot of the features have actually disapeared. Think of the notion common in X11 to use Alt + drag for window management. Even in Ubuntu this is disappearing which i find a travesty. Alt + leftdrag to move and Alt+rightdrag to resize. Really convinient.

Since there is a natural tendency for asymetric actions and our capabilities with left and right hands are quite different why not leverage this phenomena wherever possible?


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      oh i am so sorry, must have pasted it without noticing! Looks really sneaky but it was an honest mistake I assure you!

      No way to edit the URL right, should i delete and repost?

      Take it that HN isn’t the most popular site around here :D

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        @pushcx you can fix it, can’t you?

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      I read it as “biannual” at first and I was thinking “twice a year seems like too infrequently to interact with a computer, but maybe I should try it before jumping to conclusions?”

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        Depends on the length of the two sessions of course…