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    I was pretty surprised to receive one of these notifications today. Not sure if it’s the most relevant for Lobsters, but I found it pretty interesting. I didn’t realize Google and Facebook actually had public policies to deal with this kind of thing.

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      I received one as well. State-sponsored attacks are not uncommon against the Banana Kingdom.

      Or maybe just another Tor user.

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        I’m curious how Twitter determines whether an actor is state-sponsored.

        So far, Motherboard has found 12 users who received notices at the same time.

        What??? I’m very curious how Motherboard determined who received the notice.

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          You can find people posting screenshots of their emails on Twitter if you search for some mixture of keywords like [received email twitter state-sponsored]. I haven’t spent enough time to find 12 of them, but in a few minutes searching I found 4, so it seems plausible Motherboard could’ve found a dozen people that way.

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            Ah. That makes sense. I think I fixated on the wording, as opposed to “found 12 people announcing they’d received emails” but that’s my bad. Though strange they found somebody who did that, but then wanted to remain anonymous.