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I would like to request we add a tag for the Zig programming language. I don’t really care about it and the posts that usually include it are very focused on the language.

Scope: Anything primarily related to the Zig programming language

Existing stories should’ve been tagged:

  1. https://lobste.rs/s/lx7jrm/zig_heading_toward_self_hosting_compiler
  2. https://lobste.rs/s/feea3u/advanced_hello_world_zig
  3. https://lobste.rs/s/fomy7q/numeric_types_zig
  4. https://lobste.rs/s/nmrltw/statement_regarding_zen_programming

Why we should be able to filter it out:

  1. I am completely uninterested in this programming language, the people behind it and it’s proponents. I may not be the only one.
  2. The number of tags typically included with Zig related stories are already low so adding a zig tag is a good, highly specific and low effort way to get it off of the front page I see.

As it is right now I’m not filtering any tags; Zig would be my first. This post has a selfish bent so I’m sorry about that but Zig posts are useless to me.

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    I support a tag, but for more respectful purposes.

    It’s my opinion that Zig represents a potential renaissance in C-style, C-level programming, and there’s a pretty wide arena of interests and activity surrounding the project. It would help to lob all those posts under a tag, since they are thematically diverse. It’s hard to have expectations since the effort is so widely spilt.

    Just my two cents.

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      I’d second the tag, but for the opposite reason: I’m quite interested in hearing about Zig.

      Frankly I’d love to see pretty much any language that’s getting more than a couple posts a month get its own tag.

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        As the submitter of most of the posts linked (and co-author of the one not posted by me), I think OP makes a reasonable point and I’d be happier knowing that me (or anybody interested in the project) sharing Zig stuff doesn’t cause unnecessary stress to other users :)

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          I’ve added this tag and backfilled it on existing stories.

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            I support a Zig tag for a third reason: it makes it clear that Zig content is on topic for the site. Often when I submit something sufficiently weird I can’t find any appropriate tags and have to ask myself “is this appropriate?” Having a tag makes it clearly appropriate.

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              I support the addition of tags for specific programming languages. Just the other day I used one for the purpose of seeking out posts about a certain language.

              At the same time, “I am completely uninterested in X or the people behind it” is…not the kind of thing I would say to someone’s face. Or broadcast to a community which includes a number of those people.

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                Those are my true feelings but it was not my intent to be rude. I’d rather not put a filter on them when they’re what drove me to make this post in the first place. As has been said elsewhere in this thread some people found positive reasons to create a tag for Zig even though they differ from my own.

                So taking a step back and being perfectly honest I think this is just some evidence that Zig is being validated despite my lack of interest.

                There are only two kinds of languages: the ones people complain about and the ones nobody uses.

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                  For the record I think Blintk is being perfectly reasonable in the OP and no offense taken.

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                I’d be happy about a zig tag, I’d read it. I use tags for quickly skimming the page and highlighting zig things is helpful for me.

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                  Maybe a generic regex filter would accomplish the same thing without then needing a tag for every language/company/software?

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                    Do you mean each lobste.rs user creates custom tags (regular expressions to filter on) for their own account?

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                      The purpose of tags are for discovery, filtering, and scope. That would throw out the latter, hard.

                    2. [Comment removed by moderator pushcx: Personal attacks like this are not OK.]

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                        That category doesn’t seem widespread or important enough to warrant a tag but if you really want it, the About page has instructions on how to properly request it.

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