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      Thanks for submitting! Since I’ve never use it but heard it being praised, would you mind sharing how you’re using it? Is it better than things like kopia/restic/borg?

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        At a previous job I wrote a wrapper around duplicity to very easily backup a Linux vps to an openstack object store, including menu-based restore: http://web.archive.org/web/20230808083309/https://www.cloudvps.com/knowledgebase/entry/2453-cloudvps-linux-backup-object-store/ and that was used on over 9000 servers. https://github.com/CloudVPS/CloudVPS-Boss

        Compared to the other tools, no idea, have never used those. Duplicity is easy and without duplicity you can still unpack the backup since it uses regular formats, not its own thing. Its also a lot older. Supports encryption. The only downside was that a large incremental backup would sometimes not fit in the cloud storage, since the metadata file would grow larger than the single file limit (+5GB). Not many customers hit that limit but if they did, an archive of the backup and a new one fixed it. Version 2 should fix that, splitting the metadata up. (https://bugs.launchpad.net/duplicity/+bug/385495).

        I now use Deja Dup on my desktop as a backup, not the commmandline version. It often makes my entire system hang due to cpu and IO load…

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          Solid design decisions, thanks. Now that 2.0 is released, the bug should get closed soon hopefully.

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        I believe it is the backend of Deja Dup, which I used to use as my laptop backup. It would routinely require an hour or longer to back up my machine. I switched to Restic, which can back up my entire machine in a couple minutes, to the same device.

        I wish Restic had a nice GUI like Deja Dup, but the performance difference is so stark I can’t imagine going back.