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Ideally with automatic switching using prefers-color-scheme media feature.



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    Dark mode was briefly merged and deployed but it was reverted because of bad dev support in Firefox. I don’t think the issues in the commit message have improved since then.

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      Well, now that Mozilla fired their Firefox DevTools people, I’m sure it’ll be fixed in no time…

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      With stylus[1] you can make the whole web dark, not just lobste.rs.

      [1] https://add0n.com/stylus.html

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        Yes but running the extension will slow the load of pages loading as it has to inject css. I don’t want to run unnecessary extensions that sacrifice performance.

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          Or even better: dark reader!

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            Don’t want to run dark reader all the time as it slows down page load.

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          I see this PR was merged but don’t see the setting exposed anywhere.

          I am willing to implement the dark mode myself together with the automatic switching based of OS setting if lobsters developers are okay to accept it?

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            If you look at the bottom of that PR you can see it was reverted later that day:

            Firefox support is half-baked. There’s no user or devtool UI to toggle between states, inspecting an element always shows the style for ::selection instead of the element, and it lists the name of a color variable with no way to see the value of the variable or where it is set. Punting until it’s debuggable.

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              There is a devtools toggle that is not enabled by default. Relevant bug: https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/show_bug.cgi?id=1550804

              When I asked about it in the DevTools Matrix channel recently, they said:

              The plan is to replace the multi-state button with a drop-down menu with three explicit options, like in Chrome: 1. no preference (uses current system), 2. prefers dark, 3. prefers light. We’ll work on this soon. Hoping to enable it on the next Firefox Beta.

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                Thanks for the link, I’m following what seems to be the relevant issue. In the meantime, there are personal approaches linked from the about page.

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              You need to activate dark mode in your browser to get that PR turned on :)

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                Can you link to documentation how to do that for Safari please?

                I thought browsers themselves don’t have concept of dark mode or light mode but OS does.

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                  Hmm. Documentation I find seems to indicate Safari should follow OS dark mode setting, yeah. But on my work laptop safari loads lobste.rs with not dark mode, so must be missing something…