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    Though this is from 2014, this just showed up on ClojureTV a few days ago.

    From the YouTube description:

    This talk was given at EuroClojure 2014. While this has been hosted elsewhere previously, this is a new edit with slides integrated (for the first time) and improved audio.

    Here is the write-up of what core.async channels are all about, from the Clojure website:

    The objectives of core.async are:

    • To provide facilities for independent threads of activity, communicating via queue-like channels
    • To support both real threads and shared use of thread pools (in any combination), as well as ClojureScript on JS engines
    • To build upon the work done on CSP [Communicating Sequential Processes] and its derivatives

    It is our hope that async channels will greatly simplify efficient server-side Clojure programs, and offer simpler and more robust techniques for front-end programming in ClojureScript.