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Termux is a terminal emulator and Linux environment bringing powerful terminal access to Android.


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    On Android I’ve tried many different apps that provide terminal and/or ssh access. And while some are pretty decent, they didn’t get me beyond thinking ‘ok, this will have to do.’

    But then I found Termux. It’s the best - sorry, I had to say it, because it provides even more than I wished for: a full blown terminal with its own package manager (apt!), a good number of packages that are kept up to date, and as such it gives you pretty much the terminal environment you prefer. I use zsh plus my own set of zsh config files, .ssh/config actually works, and it even has a (passwordless, key based) openssh server that runs under user privileges.

    Another thing that makes Termux so nice is the intuitive key binding system: for ctrl use the volume down button, and use the volume up key as a meta key for numerous useful other keys, e.g. vol-up+e is escape, vol-up+t is tab, vol-up+p is PgUp, +n is PgDn.

    It has multiple session support, various color schemes, fonts, you name it. It’s portable, so with another tool like TitaniumBackup, duplicating your whole setup becomes a breeze. And it’s incredibly fast as well.

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      Another great thing is the source is available: https://github.com/termux which may lessen concerns around ssh access into certain servers.

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        I recently discovered this too when a user of my Python package asked if it works in Termux. I was really surprised that installing Python packages worked most of the time (some C-based packages didn’t work).

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          I really agree. It works really great, and is the only one that works reliably for me. The bulit-in terminal is great, and the software repo has a great selection.

          One thing I regret, is that a shell script that has the shebang #!/bin/sh does not work, but this is due to Android not following the standards, not to termux.

          It was really a good surprise :)

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            Definitely agree, i found it a couple of moths ago by total accident and was amazed to see that i could not only install ssh but the latest version of GCC, go, node.js, python, ruby, emacs, vim, etc.

            Typing on an phone is not the most convenient but plenty useful when you need it.

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              And even if it doesnt use your sd card as home. You can still access your termux files from the file discovery dialog. I’ve been using it to manage my ssh key on my phone.