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    […] Stash is extremely useful when someone randomly asks you to check out another branch, but you’re right in the middle of something.[…]

    I like to use git worktree for that. Let’s me quickly check out any other branch (or create new ones with small hotfixes) without disturbing what I am currently working with or me having to manage k other clones of the same repository.

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      Has anyone ever experienced trouble with the fskobjects options? I’m curious how you would fix an issue if git every found one

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        I’m curious about this as well…I’ve cloned third-party repos that have choked due to fsckobjects, but I’ve always just temporarily turned that off to proceed and have not looked into how you would actually fix it. I’d guess though that any fix would require a force push on the repository, which could alter quite a bit of history and be problematic for well-established repos.

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        And they say Mercurial requires a lot of configging… :P