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I would love to filter out April Fools stories on lobste.rs, considering that we have a ‘suggest tags’ option that would help the community auto-mark such content I think this would be a great addition and at least save some of our time filtering worthwhile stories out of clever jokes.


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    What about using the satire tag?

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      IMO, Good enough


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      The point of it is to trick you into thinking it’s real. An April Fool’s or Satire tag defeats the purpose. Maybe someone can tag it Satire after it’s been there most of the day or something. You just have more skepticism on those days until later in the day when they’re marked. I’ve considered ditching all social media entirely on April 1st. A one, day fast from the net might even be healthy.

      It does cause harm for some folks, though. One of my best friends from school gets worst of it. She was born on April 1st. Her birthday is the worst time of the year: nonstop bullshit and tricks. So, I put extra effort into bringing her something real on that day. Plus, others on request. I’ll add you to the list. :)

      EDIT: Here’s you something real, buddy.

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        I agree, and would even extend it for other kinds of content: how about parody or humor?

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          Yes, to make it useful more than once a year.

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          Is this, itself, an April fools joke?

          Fine, I’ll bite: Creating a tag for some nonsense that happens once a year is overkill

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            Content classified as prank doesn’t only occur once a year. Granted, it’s rare on here, given the high quality of Lobsters, but we get a good prank article every few months.