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    Everything Bret Victor talks about simultaneously fills me with determination and anxiety. He really makes me want to do something meaningful with my career, but at the same time I find it difficult to get the opportunity.

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      The section on model-driven debate is so good. Very often when I read an article quoting numbers, particularly around the time of the annual budget here in the UK, I’ve wanted to know how they came up with those numbers, or play with the model that produced them. Aside from politics, it would probably be very useful for tech documentation too. I’d love to have an Emacs minor mode that pulled in facts from WolframAlpha, for example…

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        Climate change is one of the biggest lies of the 21st century. Still, I strongly support the cause of moving away from fossil fuels in the interest of future generations. I bet it wouldn’t be possible to convince the masses without a convenient lie built around it. The finite resources of our planet are too valuable to be wasted like that.

        UPDATE: I should really clear up here that I’m not denying the fact global weather is undergoing changes. I just “deny” the fact it’s caused by humans, given there currently are no convincing scientific indicators for that.

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          The Climate Story Nobody Talks About gives a good over view of the knowledge that is already known about climate change.

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            Thanks, will check it out! :)

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              Yeah, just realized how weak my formulation was. What I meant is: The story of that the current climate change is a human-made one is more or less lacking scientitic foundation. Or how do you explain the fact that global temperatures haven’t risen in the last 10 years? Global weather is complex and we’ve seen warm and cold periods over the millenia and centuries. nothing special.