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I don’t feel 100% comfortable submitting this, for a number of reasons, but @hintjens has touched so many people.

I’m choosing euthanasia etd 1pm. I have no last words.


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    I do feel this is also a good place to share it.

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      I really enjoyed his life story that was posted the other week. It’s sad to see him go, but at least it’s on his own terms.

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        It’s not really his own terms. He only haggled a bit.

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        Here’s his book: http://zeromq.org/intro:read-the-manual Which I am happy to say I’ve read (up until Chapter 7, anyway).

        I feel like he’s leaving a lot behind, though I wonder why he choose “no last words”, or maybe, he just means those words aren’t for us.

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          I took “no last words” (for public consumption) to be a sign of humility.

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            I took it as a sign of humility and a bit of humor: ‘no last words’ are last words.

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          Here’s a recent interview where he talks about interesting life/software topics, in particular his C4 software collaboration model – well worth the hour https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApqI9XLRk4k

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            I didn’t know this person, so for anyone else who didn’t, I’m assuming this is him:


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              Yes, that’s him. See also this thread, which was the one @ChadSki was referring to (and to which @hintjens himself posted).

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                He made four posts here, and now I realize he won’t ever post again.


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                  Here’s his Hacker News account. He posted on a few of these threads about him plus many other technical threads. Just dropped in when the meds let him.


                  One thing I consistently noticed in the ones about him were his impact on people. A lot of people showed up to praise both his work and in-person style. If IT has a list somewhere, he definitely should be one of those people worth aspiring to for future generations of programmers.

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              A great man, RIP indeed.

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                I’m really happy I got to see his writing and briefly thank him for it, before he left.

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                  Thankfully he at least lived in a civilized country where people aren’t forced to endure the long agonizing journey to oblivion.

                  Kinda saddens me that we can’t bring ourselves to come to terms with death as a society here in America.

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                    I first came across hintjens while I was trying to understand the basis of few really fucked up liars I had to come across in life. His book one of few resources that offered me a perspective on how to look at these fucked up liars and soul destroyers. People confuse trolling which is more of an anti social behavior with these people, it’s different, very much so.

                    I’ve tried to summarise his lessons here here. I think his body of work is amazing and he is a heroic hacker.

                    If you stop executing Pieters’ Code, the ghosts in the machines might just sing back to its Necromancer. I suppose the code of a Great Programmer follows the Tao. It is everywhere but it is silent.