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Filecoin is a way to support a distributed infrastructure by providing a way for people hosting data to be paid for it.

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    I don’t really understand the blockchain but I do like the idea of trying to incentivize people to run distributed infrastructure other than just because they politically believe it is the right decision.

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      Looks like it’s still vapourware?

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        Sia is basically the same thing and has been out for quite some time. There’s also StorJ, which I haven’t looked into much because of its reliance on Counterparty (but they’re switching away from that to Ethereum, yay!)

        Filecoin, if it’s ever released, will be late to the scene.

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        Sort of like MaidSafe and the SAFE network?

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          As far as I know, they never actually figured out any of the technical problems preventing these file storage altcoins from making sense. In particular, it’s easy to perform a Sybil attack on the network by pretending you’re hosting a bunch of files amongst a bunch of nodes that you control. There’s no way to prove you’re actually using disk space, as opposed to “storing” some files that can be conveniently generated using an RNG.