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We need an application that will serve to track the dependency DAG of incomplete tasks and act as a mutex for someone to claim a task. I’d like to be able to visualize it as an actual graph and not just as a list of tasks with the edges hidden in the task details.

Jira is slow, and Trello doesn’t let you explicitly track dependencies between tasks. Is there software like what I describe that people here enjoy using?


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    I love https://linear.app. It’s very keyboard friendly.

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      That looks awesome, will sign up for their waiting list.

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        Thanks for this suggestion!

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        I don’t know about the graph rendering but youtrack has the dependency/relationship aspects in the bag. You could probably generate a chart from the api of the dependencies. It feels a bit awkward at first but YT is really malleable. Once you really start to dig and learn shortcuts and stuff you can power through a lot of things that are really restrictive or awkward in other apps/products.

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          Thanks I will look into that. I have been happy with Intellij so already have a bias towards anything JetBrains makes.

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          My preference is Redmine. It might be less lightweight than you are looking for but it is really good and most of the additional features it has you will probably find yourself growing into. It doesn’t have a tree view built in but there is a plugin. One of the reasons that I keep coming back to redmine is the plugin system.

          Pros: Open source, self hosted, lightweight (compared to jira, azure devops etc.), extremely customizeable and extendable.

          Cons: Despite regular releases, the dev team is small and releases mostly focus on security fixes. Can feel a bit dated. Can be a hassle to set up and configure.

          I feel like redmine is nearing retirement, and it makes me sad because I am not aware of any replacement that even comes close. If anyone knows of anything that might be a candidate please let me know. I don’t think I will ever be able to take github issues as a serious contender, it is too clearly designed for dilletantes and can not be used for a serious commercial development team. Every other option seems to be a walled garden, packaged with other services, and either lacking important features or bloated like a months old beached whale.

          Having said that there is no reason I can see why a team can’t keep using redmine for the forseeable future. It would just be nice to have a tracker that has a few more modern features. All the other services suggested here so far are proprietary and although jetbrains is unlikely to go out of business in the near future, I have a real fear of trusting all that important data to an opaque commercial service. If they change their terms of use, their api or their prices you kind of just have to suck it up.

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            Ehhh, most project management applications I know of are not very modular. They come with everything, and, generally, the bulk makes it not lightweight. I’d be interested to hear if you actually find something lightweight, though