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This does not mean that Ruby 2.0 is shipped and ready to go, it just means that no more feature proposals will be accepted for 2.0. Actual release date should be in February.

The main new features I can think of in 2.0 are:

  • Bitmarking GC
  • DTrace probes
  • Faster VM (more optimized instruction set)
  • Within Ruby tracing (a new implementation of set_trace_func)
  • Optional keyword arguments
  • Refinements
  • Lazy enumeration (you can build enumerables that are delayed)
  • Top-level Hash() method similar to Array()
  • Syslog::Logger which puts a Logger API on top of syslog
  • Lots of improvements to openssl
  • const_get will take a qualified constant string, so you can do const_get(“Foo::Bar::Baz”)

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    Thanks for the quick list of new features!