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    Shopify doesn’t support Git.

    This isn’t really correct. See their docs on Github integration.

    That is nice and all, but one thing that bothers me is that Shopify doesn’t minify the code for you. The same goes for JavaScript.

    Shopify does automatically minify assets when they are served, including CSS and JS.

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      Didn’t know that. I’ll take a look and edit the article. Thank you!

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        Happy to help!

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      Isn’t this experience nearly the same with every SaaS that allows some degree of customization? In all those, customization is an afterthought, and truly painful to work with.

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        Shopify doesn’t support Git

        They say this right after admitting theme kit is a thing. Shopify is a bunch of duct-tape and bailing wire, but preventing you from using your editor or git is not on their list of sins.