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Feel free to tell what you plan on doing this weekend and even ask for help or feedback.

Please keep in mind it’s more than OK to do nothing at all too!

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      Helping my partner come out to their (stereotypically harsh and over-masculine, from what little I’ve heard of him) father. Bleh.

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        Love wins!

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        Hope it goes well

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      I’m headed down to Colorado Springs to help a friend move.

      On the way down I’m going to stop at the Ham Radio Outlet in Denver and (probably) buy some HF radio equipment. Based on a friend’s recommendation, I’m going to get a Xiegu G90.

      I also just got an RTL-SDR, and I may look into programming it with GNU Radio or librtl-sdr.

      And I’m still playing with OpenGL geometry shaders. The dynamic systems shader turned out well, and I’m going to try modifying it to draw “Strange Attractors” and some other fractals.

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        I looked hard at the Xiegu G90, it’s got really good reviews and performance is very good. I ended up with an IC-7300, I love it, but wish it was smaller for portable operation. All around solid radio though.

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          The ICOMs look really nice! I had been looking at the IC-705, which I think is basically a lower power, portable version of the IC-7300. Maybe a future upgrade…

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        Hey, let me know if you have any questions about GNU Radio. The annual conference finished today so there’s going to be some new workshops posted over the next weeks.

        The main project chat is at #gnuradio:gnuradio.org on Matrix or #gnuradio on Libera IRC.

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          Thank you!

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      Celebrating 16 years of marriage to my best friend, we are heading to Nashville for a day trip. Not much on the technical front as I just kinda want to relax this weekend, but need to get my HF radio gear together for a beach trip Ill be taking soon and I have grand visions of operating while I’m there in between napping and whatever else suits me!

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      All I know is that I’ll be spending a whole lot of time outside.

      Autumn feels nice.

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      Garden work! Need to get the garden ready for winter. Problem is, I am new to all of this, so basically don’t know where to start (that’s what you get for buying a house with too much garden!)

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      My wife and I will be working on getting the last of the major unpacking done around the house, and I might tinker a bit more with a Mini-RTS project I’ve started in Godot.

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        good luck for everything!

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      I start learning Rust , after seeing soo many posts about Rust. I actually don’t have the motivation, so I use blog as my motivation. I’ll write everything I learn on my blog

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        I created a tutorial for this purpose (with answers). Maybe it helps!


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          thank you!

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      Cleanin’ up the house so the new kitty cat doesn’t eat anything dangerous

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      I really, really want to get my new regex engine presentable. It’s so close.

      Also helping my mother-in-law out with some stuff around her house, and maybe making chili.

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        good luck for everything!

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      We have multiple elections here in Germany tomorrow, so I will first vote myself and in the evening count mail-in votes. I expect it to take a long time, since we have federal and state level elections at the same time and a lot of people opted for voting by mail due to the pandemic.

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      • Running a 10km event at one of the local airfields. Apparently 2021 is the year I take up running voluntarily (previously I “ran” in Triathlons and that was it.)
      • Racing the supernova at the sailing lake. Haven’t sailed her since May, nor raced since then. Looking forward to it, even with a wet weather forecast.
      • Continuing my exploration into setting up a spare Mac with Nix, Nix-Darwin and home-manager. Working okay so far, but I’ve not ported much of my configuration to it yet.
      • Hacking some more on my RPi-controlling-BMW-Z4 project. Hardware in place, needs software writing now. (I should also replace the MASSIVE USB battery with a more permanent solution 🤔)
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        I need to know more about the BMW project!

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          I need to write this all up properly somewhere, probably a git repo with Readme-Driven-Development.

          • BMW Z4 has kbus network in it for non-critical systems
          • https://modbmw.com sell a USB adapter for the kbus
          • Already have a RPi Zero W to stick on the USB adapter to have something running either Python or Golang
          • https://github.com/ezeakeal/pyBus or https://github.com/qcasey/gokbus for existing libraries to talk to it
          • There’s a third party device you can plug in to allow one-press roof up/down functionality, which sounds like it just broadcasts onto the kbus network the same packets as if you were holding the button(s) down constantly. I can replicate that in software, and add other things if I want.
          • Also think I can do things like whenever the engine starts, automatically turn sport mode on (as it makes the throttle linear, which then means it drives how I expect it to)
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            Can’t wait to hear how this project goes. If you have a GitHub or anything I can follow let me know. I have a m340, some day I will be brave enough to start hacking!

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              I’ve started https://github.com/caius/z4pi which at least has a readme pulling the above together somewhere concretely. Haven’t really achieved much except “sniff the bus” so far, vanished into a Golang event driven app rabbithole instead. Need to just get something working, I think first simple feature will be “wait for engine start, then ‘push’ the sport button”.

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      I am getting house plants, English Ivy and maybe Peace Lily to clean the air indoors. I already have a few Pothos (Devil’s Ivy) who I’ve had to bring back from the dead a few times, but with decreasing frequency, so I’m ready for more of a challenge.

      I’m trying to wrap up my current project and then I’m going to wrestle with the angst of C++ vs. Ada vs. Rust since I like and I’m familiar with all three and can’t choose what to do my next project in.

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      Working on my personal assistant. Will start with simple useful things like:

      • Scanner → FRP upload → OCR & Compress → Send link per email, all done locally
      • Forward emails with „Remind me in 10 days“ and get reminded

      I always wanted something like that and I love the flexibility of building it just for myself/my family. If you have more ideas let me know!

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      I’m going to the New York Film Festival! Excited to see Benedetta and Titane on the big screen, with the restored Kummaty on a smaller one. The line up this year is phenomenal and I’ve been clearing my schedule for it.

      I would like to also spend some time writing poems, maybe revise some of my older ones.

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      Probably working on https://discussions.xojoc.pw I’d like to improve the canonicalization of URLs and improve the query time of trigram search of similar stories by title (I’m using Postgresql btw).

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      For several months I’ve been working towards the 0.6.0 version of resholve, which landed in nixpkgs this week.

      It includes a few key features that expand the set of real, complex bash/shell programs and libraries that resholve can handle, so I’m hoping that I’ll get to spend some time really putting it through the paces:

      • Adapting the nixpkg for shell programs/libraries I’m already aware of to use resholve
        • opening nixpkg PRs for the ones it can handle and dealing with that process
        • making notes on any that are still blocked by resholve bugs or feature deficiencies
        • maybe collecting before/after snapshots of the scripts themselves
      • Collecting information on the un-specified dependencies this process flushes out for each package. I’d like to turn it into something, though I’m not sure if that’s a doc or a forum/tweet thread, or a blog post…

      I’ll be pretty happy if I can run myself out of known targets and handle >75% of them. I’ve been ~chasing this experience for a while; previous releases have tended to, say, make one more project packageable, and shake out additional features required to handle everything else on the list.

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      It’s been N x 365[1] days since I saw the light of day, and society insists on noticing that. So probably something appropriate.

      It is also the biannual cleaning day in the area where we have our vacation home.

      Said vacation home has developed a serious issue which renders the waste disposal part inoperable, so we’re going to semi-decommission it while waiting for repairs.

      [1] not including leap years. Assume N is a real…

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      Working on my lisp interpreter (my fun side project when I want to avoid working on my homework). The reader and evaluator are done, I just need to add a few more builtins for things like equality, boolean operators and conditions (if/cond). Lexical scoping works, but I’m still finding garbage collection and closures to be really tricky problems at the moment.

      I’m also going to be hanging out with my partner :)

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      So far all I’ve done this morning is write a shell function that uses mpv to play a random stream of Kumamon videos from the Japanese YouTube channel.

      I figure it’d be nice to have some wholesome content available on demand.

      I’ve also been plowing through Four Thousand Weeks which essentially says the best time management system is to accept the cold reality that death will come for us all. Once you manage that, you’re slightly better equipped to realise that everything you choose sacrifices the possibility of every other possible thing you could have done.

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      Going to continue adapting Runtype for Pydantic’s benchmark, and making sure there is full parity. Because so far, all indications are that Runtype is almost twice as fast, while supporting the same features.

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      Shooting a magnum pistol match tomorrow.

      Also going to have a check on my Frankenspectrum that hasn’t been powered on for over 20 years.

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      I have a M1 macmini and Parallels installed on it. It seems there is no Ubuntu vagrant box available that suits me, so I will build one.

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      I want to get back into my Rust CRDT library. I put it on hold due to some concerns about how to handle undo but I think the original design is actually still good.

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      Writing a new blog post for my website. We’ll see if I get this one out the door this weekend (unlikely based on past performance. It’s on topic here and so I hope to submit it when I’ve finished